F1 (BT) – Chapter 13 MCQ’s (Financial technology (Fintech)) – ACCA

This is ACCA F1 (BT/FBT) Business and Technology multiple-choice questions (MCQs).

These multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are designed to help ACCA F1 students to better understand the exam format. We aim to instill in students the habit of practicing online for their CBE exams. By doing so, students can reduce exam stress and prepare more effectively.

Please note:

  • Students should not attempt these MCQs until they have finished the entire chapter.
  • All questions are compulsory, so please do not skip any.

We hope that these MCQs will be a valuable resource for students preparing for the ACCA F1 (BT/FBT) exam.


Course: ACCA
Fundamental Level: Knowledge, FIA
Subject: Business And Technology
Paper: F1 – BT/FBT
Chapter: Financial technology (Fintech)
Chapter Number: 13 of the Practice and Exam Kit; and 17 of the Study Text
Syllabus Area: C – Accounting and reporting systems, technology, compliance and controls
Questions Type: MCQs
Exam Section: Section A

Number of the Questions

There are 9 Questions in this Online F1 MCQ Test that cover Chapter 13, Financial technology (Fintech) of ACCA F1 (BT/FBT) Business and Technology Module.


These MCQs are not time-bound. Take your time and solve them without stress. Pay proper attention and focus. Do not rush or hesitate.


Students will get their F1 CBE MCQs Test results after they finish the entire test. They will also be able to see the correct and incorrect answers, as well as explanations for the incorrect questions.

Types of Questions

MCQs: Choose one from the given options.
Multiple choice: Choose all answers that seem correct or incorrect, as per the requirement of the question. Keep your eye on the wording “(select all those which are correct/ or incorrect)”.
Dropdown: Select from the list provided.
Type numbers: Type your answer in numbers as per the requirement of the question.

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F1 - Chapter 13 - Part C Test - MCQs and MTQs

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Which of the following accounting tasks could data analytics help to make more effective?

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Which characteristic of big data relates to the ability to stream data in real-time?

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Which of the following is an area of an accountant or auditor's work that is made more effective by automation?

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Which of the following is a disadvantage of using cloud accounting software?

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Distributed ledgers reduce the need for auditors to …………… because they have a source of information that they can trust.

Which word or phrase correctly completes this statement?

6 / 9

Which of the following technologies allows unconnected organisations and individuals people to trust a shared record of events?

7 / 9

................... is a source of big data that originates from public sector data (for example transport, government financial and public service data).

Which word correctly completes this statement?

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Which of the following is an area of an accountant or auditor's work that is made more effective by artificial intelligence?

9 / 9

Landis Co has a team of experts whose role is to analyse vast volumes of data concering many areas of the business that comefrom a wide variety of sources. Landis Co is seeking competitive advantage from:

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